• Is there a connection between Freestyle training (fight training) and actually learning self-defense? Without a doubt, many feel that the two forms of training are completely separate in practice.   I believe there is an overlapping continuum of self-defense, fighting, and combat and [...]

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    Is it "Violence?"

    24 Aug 2016 | News | admin

    [ARTICLE] Is it "Violence?" Are the martial arts too violent? After 40 years in the art, I believe I know the truth.

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    Age Doesn't Matter

    1 Feb 2016 | News | admin

    Several years ago I was asked to work with a Seniors group on some simple self-defense. There had been some incidents in the area with some Sr. Citizens being mugged and the community center we had a program at thought it would be a valuable service. The program was going fairly well as we had [...]

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