• New Class-  &quote;Tool Time&quote;

    Tonight we begin a new series of classes - "Tool Time" We will explore the use of weapons, their history and how some traditional weapons apply to today's environment. More importantly we will look at how weapons are really tools that we use to help enhance our art. By understanding the [...]

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    Attitude First performs at 2014 Kenpo Gathering

    Attitude First Team attends the 2014 Kenpo Gathering in Bellingham, WA- Here is a demonstration that some of the members of Attitude First Martial Arts Academy performed at the finale. Brandon Z. Wesley C. Mr. Robinson

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    It wasn't okay to bully me!

    One of the big issues facing youngsters in this day and age is the concept of bullying. Obviously, today’s youth have more avenues of interacting with others than previous generations. These new avenues; i.e., social media, etc. are creating new opportunities for interactions. Remember all [...]

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