• Time For The Ice Bucket Challenge!!!

    http://www.attitudefirst.com We have been challenged by several others schools.. So tomorrow morning is our day to meet up and support each other. Fortunately we live in Arizona, so cold and icy water will be refreshing.. right? Come for class on Saturday - bring a bucket, we will get the ice. If[...]

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    Environment Influences

    Environment is the first consideration in defending yourself. All too often, people tend to overlook the power they have over their environment. It starts with the choices you make. Without a doubt kids have far less control over their environment because a lot of choices are made for them and [...]

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    32 years and counting!!!

      Here it is...another "Anniversary."  On August 4th, 1984, we celebrated the grand opening of Dragon's Lair Self-Defense Studio. We celebrated it on the same day as my sister's birthday. So, August 4th has always had a special and huge importance for me. We opened the original Dragon's Lair on [...]

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