• Why "Attitude First"?

      It starts with the name...it is all about Attitude!  Our training focuses on highly functional, no nonsense applications. More importantly, our training focuses on awareness of many other important aspects of self-defense beyond the physical levels. Although there are lots of hours spent at understanding the striking and manipulation stages of action, additional time is spent at recognizing and using defensive strategies in and out of contact and contact stages of action. It's at these stages that situations begin. Here an individual's levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual fitness are extremely important.

    • What is the Attitude First Philosophy?

      With a 32-year history in the valley of the sun, Attitude First is based on a strong commitment to providing our clients with practical and effective Self-Defense, Fitness, and Competitive Training.   Our highest priority is to help enhance the lives of our clients through positive encouragement and disciplined instruction.  Toward that end, we will provide a broad spectrum of experiences and exercises that will foster a fuller understanding of the Martial Arts and of Life.  We will continually work to improve our resources and to establish an environment that helps promote ACTIONs that are productive, safe, and healthy.

    • What "Martial Art" do you teach?

      Ed Parker's American Kenpo.

    • What skill do I need to start?

      The simple answer is "None." All we ask is that you or the child are willing to learn, commit fully during class time, practice at home, and be open to experiencing the wonders of the art.   We also understand that patience and kindness play a huge role in the success of all of our students. 

    • Are your senior instructors certified?

      All of our instructors are certified by "Kenpo: The Path to Excellence" both on individual skills and teaching requirements. In other words, not only do they learn the most practical methods of defending themselves, they learn the most innovative and effective processes for helping others develop and improve.

    • Why should I send my child to Attitude First Martial Arts Academy?

      Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is the Valley’s leader in developing strong, confident, and healthy youth!  We have the belief that it takes a village to raise a child. Mom, Dad, and anyone that is doing their best with today’s youth needs all the help they can get in making sure their child/teen grows up into the fine adult that they want.


      We have been recognized in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada as one of the most talented staffs for working with and developing children. Our unique methods provide a challenging and fun way to develop confident, disciplined, and respectful youth.


      Our training is designed to make every member that joins a well-rounded defender of themselves:  Perceptually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.   It is designed for all ages: 3 - 5 (Lil' Attitudes), 6 - 12 (Youth), 13 - 17 (Teens), and 18 - adult (Adult).


      We are excited that our members develop and grow in these areas congruently with their physical prowess.