EXCITING NEWS!!! Starting this Monday (June 4th, 2018), we are introducing our new schedule and there are so many good things to announce:

    1) By popular request, we have created a new “Intermediate” class that is for our beginning purple through advance green belt members of all ages can attend. It is available Monday through Thursday. It will cover the art & science that our upper ranks need to be promoted.

    2) We have added two more Kids classes to help meet the schedules of our parents and members. Monday through Thursday now have Kids class available.

    3) Tuesday and Thursday will now have Freestyle class (all ages). This class is recommended for all students to practice their skill under pressure.

    4) Little Attitudes will now have a Saturday class (from 9 to 9:30am). Any Little Attitude can come to ANY Little Attitude class – if you want them to come 5 days a week, bring them.

    5) Classes are going to be more focused. Kids, Intermediates, Champions and Freestyle classes will now be 45 minutes. This will allow concentrating on the specific material, reducing the wandering and fatigue of student/instructor. It also gave us the opportunity to add more classes to meet the demand of our members.

    6) Please note: If an “(A)” and “(B)” is next to the class name it will delineate that the same lesson plan will be taught in the “A” class during the week, and a different lesson plan will be taught in the “B” class.

    There is a new requirement that each student will have a minimum number of A classes AND B classes to be promoted (we will track at the center). The good news is that Kids and Intermediates have 3 opportunities and the adults have 2 opportunities each week to participate in the A lesson and the B lesson. And you are welcome to come to multiple A and/or B classes in the same week.

    7) The BEST NEWS for last: Your memberships are now UNLIMITED. If you want to attend every class for your age group PLEASE DO! for example all of the A classes, all of the B classes, freestyle, intermediates…YOU CAN!  Not only will you be a GREAT Martial artist and understand the science better than most, you will advance faster and quicker.

    As usual, if you have any questions chat with Mr. Robinson or Mr. Joel at the center, drop us a line at info@attitudefirst.com, or send us a Facebook Message.

    We look forward to seeing you on the Mat (a lot)!!!