• Summer Dress Code


    Starting Tuesday, May 29th we will begin our Summer Wear.   For the most part you can now wear T-shirts, Uniform Pants and Ranking Belt.    You are always in “good form” to dress up rather than down.  So if you choose to wear you uniform top- You are Good!!!

    Here’s a couple of things to consider when wearing a t-shirt.   It should be clean and free from holes or tears.   It must be one of the following: School Shirt (any Attitude First shirt we have created over the years!), Any Martial Arts related shirt; Tournament participation- Gathering participation- Quest participation, etc.  or simply a plain colored or white t-shirt.   Please no advertising of any kind and no inappropriate pictures or verbiage.

    We are looking for an exciting summer and plan to really “heat up” the training.   So if wearing a T-shirt is more comfortable for you, we want to honor that “Easy” feeling so you can focus on your training!

    Summer wear will go through Labor Day.