• Welcome to the best Summer Martial Arts deal we have ever created!   



    We want to help everyone to kick their summer into high gear and experience the martial arts!  So we’ve put together this AWESOME three (3) months (90 days) of unlimited age/rank specific martial art classes for $222 which is more than 50% off our month-to-month no commitment rates!

    This is a great way for your 3 to 65 year old to have a chance to attempt their hand at learning how to defend themselves within the safety of the training center. Our class schedule can be found at this link (click here)

    When you are ready to take advantage of this summer deal – just click here and register!*  If you want more information or want to schedule a visit email us at info@attitudefirst.com or call (623) 547-5337.

    To remove any fear, we are giving a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  After registering and paying, come to your first class at Attitude First Martial Arts Academy and if you don’t like, we will refund your money for this offer… no questions asked. (see waiver for details).

    *Uniforms are sold separately


    About Us

    The Attitude First Martial Arts Academy (AFMAA) can’t emphasize enough about the exciting path you or your child want to embark on. The AFMAA believes that this path will guide the member (student) to understanding, recognizing, and accomplishing any endeavor he/she chooses.

    It is important to note – that EVERY MEMBER is an individual with understanding, challenges, and skills that are unique. We would be remiss if we thought every member was the same. Because of this, goals and requirements will be tailored to the member, so the member can achieve an established set of standards at a pace that is appropriate for their development.

    As you have guessed, excelling in this endeavor requires an organized system of specific requirements and a timeline for accomplishing them. Using the Martial Arts as our curriculum allows us to track your progress with an integrated ranking system (the belts).

    To further organize your progress, the AFMAA will set your training into individual sessions. Each session will be an opportunity to develop, practice, and enhance your skills. The consistency of attendance is the key to learning.

    Our program is a comprehensive approach to learning to defend ourselves but it is not complicated. We have had every age group inside our academy from 3 to 65. You can start at any age, you don’t have to be in shape, or have some specific set of experiences. You just have to bring your willingness and your attitude to learn and grow!

    Our approach to the martial arts is built around three concepts: discipline, protection, and empowerment. Traditionally, these are referred to as body, mind, and spirit. Through the art of Kenpo Karate, individuals develop practical self-defense skills, leadership qualities, self-discipline, self-empowerment, great speaking skills, and much more.

    Professor Robinson has been teaching in the valley of the sun for more than 35 years!