• Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is the Valley’s leader in developing strong, confident and healthy youth!  We have the belief that it takes a village to raise a child. Mom, Dad, and anyone that is doing their best with today’s youth needs all the help they can get in making sure their child/teen grows up into the fine adult that they want. Yet, there are moments where many parents struggle with questions of:

    Why is my child so disrespectful?

    When children are rude, they are expressing themselves in a manner that may be caused by an inner battle that can be overcome with discipline and structure through effective positive reinforcement.

    Why does he/she lack confidence in school?  

    When children don’t believe in themselves, it is more often because they believe more in what others express to them. So-called friends and other adults are telling a child that he/she is “stupid,” “not going to get it,” “dumb,” “slow,” or “ugly” to name a few. It is very important that children have personal successful experiences to draw from so they can build their own positive images of themselves and not rely on what others think.

    Why am I so scared that my child is following the crowd – the wrong crowd?

    When a child follows in the footsteps of others, he/she is normally looking for acceptance/belonging, or does not have the courage to say no. There is no doubt that the pressures of youth have increased tenfold over the last few decades – drugs, sex, peer pressure, and bullying continue to rise.  The need to develop the child’s ability to separate true and false support comes with experience and/or honorable mentoring.  The need to avoid the pressures comes from a community of like-minded individuals that supports and models the child’s own goals and values.

    Why are other kids picking on my child? Why are they so mean?

    Mean kids and/or predators seek out victims when they recognize them as weak and helpless.  Unfortunately, that aspect of our society will be difficult to change.  However, arming a child with awareness, confidence, and a belief in him/herself is incredibly important to minimize these situations.

    We have found, and studies have proven, that the environment OUTSIDE of the home that surrounds their child will become one of the biggest factors of a child’s long-term success. The environment needs to be where the child can be:

    • An individual, yet feel a part of a team
    • Held to a high standard of performance that is achievable, yet raises the level of their mental, emotional, and physical maturity
    • Surrounded by great examples to model by peers, adults, and leaders 
    • Accepted for who they are and the family is welcomed
    • And most importantly… Surrounded by the belief that they are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

    With our more than 31 years of experience serving the community and a staff with more than 100 years of teaching/mentoring experience, we have found that Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is the ANSWER.  With our documented system approach, dedicated staff, and family atmosphere, we provide the expectation and commitment to bring out the best in the Valley’s youth…and YOUR child.

    Please call (623) 547-5337, email: info@attitudefirst.com, or fill in the information on the right side of this page for information about obtaining your free classes. (We will be glad to call you.)