AFTC Trial Class (Special)

We are thankful that you want to try out our special “3 classes for $3” trial program.  It really is an excellent deal to get to kick the tires with Attitude First. 


To get started, just click on the appropriate age group of the participant below.  It will send you to our checkout page, fill out the form, click the red “I want to train at Attitude First” button and most importantly, sign the agreement.  


Then come to your next available class (this will be the start of your trial).


Now, if you would like to try a free class first… Awesome.  Just go to, follow the prompts, and schedule the first class. Though, one caveat, if you take a free class you will not be eligible for this special (sorry, it is just to good of a deal to mix and match, though you will still be eligible for our 2 week for $49 trial

Click here for more information about our 2 week/$49 trial).


We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

To use this offer, you agree that the participant has not been a student of the AFMAA
within the last two years.

Click on the correct age group picture
for your 3x3 Special



Step 1: Select the class based on the age group of the student above.  If your child is on the cusp of two classes (i.e. Age 6 or 12/13, then signup for the younger class and let us meet with you. If your student has the maturity (height, listening skills, follows instructions, etc) for the older class we will be glad to let them attempt that class as well.

Step 2: Submit.

Step 3: You should get an automated email from the system confirming your information.

Other helpful information:


Class schedule follow this link:   CLASS SCHEDULE

See other programs follow this link:  PROGRAMS

If you really want to get started quickly and save some time before your first class, download, print and fill out our waiver by following this link:  WAIVER

Directions: 3530 W. Yorkshire Drive, Glendale, AZ 85308 – From 35th Ave and going west –  turn right into the first open double gate, pass a residential house, go through the next double gate to the big 3200 sq. ft. warehouse in the back of the property. The Red Door is the front door… Come on in. 

If you want to know more about us please call or text (623) 253-5530, email us at


Looking forward to training with you on the mat!

*** This offer is subject to end without notice. ***

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