Many thanks for participating at the Attitude First Martial Arts Photobooth.

To obtain your FREE classes, you will need to do three things:

1) Email OR call (623) 547-5337 to schedule your day and time for an appropriate class. 
2) Bring the picture certificate with you. Only the faces on the certificate are eligible for the free classes. All folks in the picture must attend the same days. 
3) Agree to the following: 
  1. I agree I have seven (7) calendar days from the printed date on the certificate to call or email to activiate this certificate. After that time, the certificate will automatically expire.
  2. I agree I have thirty (30) calendar days from the printed date on the certificate to attend my free classes.
  3. I agree that a “class” is defined as “one scheduled class that is listed on the Attitude First website ( for the listed participant’s age and experience level.” 
  4. Only the participants specifically shown in the picture(s) are allowed to attend the class.
  5. The participant(s) can not have had a free class, trial class, or membership within the last 12 months at Attitude First Martial Arts. 
  6. I understand that the head instructor of Attitude First is the final decision on the appropriate classes and age group for the participant. 
  7. I agree to abide by the current AFMAA Terms and Conditions, a copy of which I can review at will at
  8. I have reviewed and agree to the terms of the AMFAA Waiver and Release, a copy of which has been provided to me along with this Agreement and is made a part of this Agreement by reference here.
  9. I have signed or will sign an AFMAA Authorization for Medical Treatment Authorization along with this Agreement to authorize AFMAA to obtain medical treatment in the event of an emergency.
  10. I understand that any failure on my part to attend available scheduled classes will not obligate Attitude First to provide me with additional classes.
  11. I agree that the details of this certificate can be corrected by the Attitude First at their discretion and without my permission (up to and including terminating without allowing my attendance in the class), if I have misused, accidentally, or purposely, any discount, price, type of membership and/or provided false or incomplete information that would alter my gift, trial or price.
  12. Any alternations to this certificate that were not made by a representative of Attitude First, LLC will make this certificate void and invalid. No copies (electronic or otherwise) will be allowed.
  13. All decisions made by Attitude First, LLC will be final.
  14. The certificate can not be combined with any other offers or certificates. Only one certificate per person.
  15. This certificate has no cash value.
  16. I agree that Attitude First, LLC is not affialated in any way with the school, business, or location that this certificate was obtained from.  The school, business or location does not recommend Attitude First in anyway. 
  17. The participant and guardian (if partipant is under 18) takes sole responsibility to make an independant evalution training at Attitude First.