If you would like to join! 

You can look at every other school website, where they push a trial program to get you in the door.  Well, we don’t.

We want you to like and the enjoy the facility, instructors, classes, and other families BEFORE you join… not after.

We want you not to feel pressured because you paid something… we want you to enjoy the experience.

We want you to stay for a really long time and train with us… Given that you want too.

So instead of getting you into a trial program right from the start, we invite you in for your age-appropriate class.  Hang with us, train with us, and see if this is the place where you/family/kids can obtain knowledge in the martial arts, self-defense and the goals that you have.

So be our guest, come to the center, take a class, and decide for yourself.  Just fill out the form to the right and we will send you some information AND email/call to schedule your class.


By the way, after the free class – if you think you need a longer test period to see if Attitude First Martial Arts is for you then we will be glad to offer you a trial membership just to make sure you like what you see  – click here if want to join).

If you want to see your class schedule follow this link:   CLASS SCHEDULE

If you want to see other programs follow this link:  PROGRAMS

If you really want to get started quickly and save some time before your first class, fill out our electronic waiver by following this link:  WAIVER

If you want to know more about us please call (623) 547-5337, email us at info@attitudefirst.com  or better yet, drop in after 4:30p and meet us in person.

Looking forward to training with you on the mat!