Women’s Self Defense Seminar

Today’s environment for ladies everywhere has dramatically changed! They have several battles to contend with: image, friends, school, social media, bullying, work, relationships and predators. Can they be expected to have the confidence to defend themselves as they navigate the daily issues of communication, appearance, dating and socializing? Our answer… Absolutely! However, they need to be aware of their choices and learn to be responsible for their choices. Unfortunately, statistics show that once an individual is victimized (regardless of the level) they are more susceptible to be victimized again. Additionally, each time the level intensifies. Early awareness and development of confidence can help to prevent this cycle.

Our Women’s Self Defense Seminar is designed to introduce the awareness of effective choices in the event of an undesirable situation.  The seminar concentrates on:

  • Awareness – To be able to recognize, scrutinize, and revise your actions based upon what you are seeing, hearing and feeling
  • Environment – To understand and use what is in you, on you, or around you to keep you safe
  • Fitness – To find balance, opportunity and strength to survive your ordeal using the 5 fitnesses: Physical, perceptual, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • State of Engagement – To discover your state of readiness when you are prepared mentally and physically to take action
  • Abilities – To recognize the opportunities to control the situation by using the best available actions to protect yourself
  • Methods of Execution – To learn and apply the simple and direct movements to all defensive and offensive actions
  • Skills – To learn to physically maneuver, block, strike, manipulate, and fall in time of crisis
  • Action – To understand that when your safety is concerned – hesitation can harm you. You will learn how to mentally and physically move in the NOW!

Learn to defend yourself before you need too. 

The Women’s Self Defense Seminar is designed specifically around the needs of women ages 13 to 80. We only offered several times a year.

Please call (623) 547-5337 or send us an email at info@attitudefirst.com for the schedule of upcoming seminars.