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About Us


Attitude First stands apart! 

For the last 37 years, Mr. Lawrence Robinson and his Attitude First organization have been devoted to encouraging and preparing children and adults to change their world. He has leveraged his belief that confidence, courage, and commitment can and will alter a member’s outcome in their personal and work life.

Attitude First is a unique training environment that teaches our Members the skills to thrive in today’s environment. Our philosophy is that a person’s attitude is the foundation for success, whether that be at school, work, or on the street.

We teach our Members awareness and problem-solving in order to quickly identify dangerous situations and then engage in strategies that may help de-escalate or avoid that situation altogether. But should the need ever arise, we help to prepare our Members with the skills, confidence, discipline, and respect necessary to protect and defend their loved ones and themselves from physical harm.

Within an industry that has fly-by-night schools on every corner, with instructors that have just received their black belts and have gone on their own, or schools with for-hire teachers from different arts… Attitude First has never done that.

All of our instructors (regardless of rank) have grown up through our art. Our Attitude First black belts have 12 through 41 years of experience in the Attitude First system.  Each grew up through the American Kenpo system from a white belt. Most starting their Martial Art experience right here at Attitude First.


What is the Attitude First Philopshy?

Attitude First is best described as a “heartfelt, action-oriented, and defense-minded” martial arts training establishment:

Heartfelt: Because we care about each and every participant. We want them to be the best original person they can be. We care about what happens on and off the mat.

Action-Oriented: We have coined the acronym ACTION which means “Absolute Commitment To Improving Ourselves, Now!” and we live by it…  Our goal is that for every member to continually push themselves, through every action they take so they can get to where they want to be.

Defense-minded:  Peace is our objective, not violence. We believe to maintain peace we need to be aware. Because awareness allows you to leave before an altercation can occur, it might be to engage before the bad guy gets the upper hand, or its to know why and what you are willing to fight for.


Learn more about Attitude First

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If you want to know more about us please call (623) 547-5337, email us at info@attitudefirst.com  or better yet, drop in after 4:30p and meet us in person.

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