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ADHD Doesn’t Stop My Son!

”My son is diagnosed with ADHD, but I have never seen him more focused than when he is in Kenpo class (unmedicated). He thoroughly enjoys going to Attitude First. In addition to having a lot of fun while learning self-defense, he also learns valuable life lessons (respect for others, integrity, personal responsibility). I also feel that the Kenpo classes are helping to improve my son’s working memory and language processing.

All of the instructors are wonderful. They are very caring, and really take a special interest in each child, tailoring their approach to each individual’s learning style. My son’s self-esteem has soared due to the progress he is making. He has experienced the pride which comes with hard work and accomplishment. At Attitude First, I feel confident that when he graduates to another belt color, he has truly earned it, as the instructors ascribe to a high standard of excellence. I am so grateful that a friend referred us to Attitude First! ~ Mark H

Rambunctious to Focused!

I am the mother of 2 relatively rambunctious boys, age 6 and 9. The concepts of focus, discipline and commitment were still a work in progress…until we found Attitude First Martial Arts Academy. To say that this place and these teachers are the most perfect fit is to put it mildly. I wanted a small close-knit environment where my boys could really concentrate and learn focus. I wanted instructors that would not only shine in that capacity, but prove to be mentors and role models for my boys. I wanted the staff to get to know me as a mother, not just a paycheck. Lawrence and Joel provide the ideal balance of fun and focus, drive and discipline, the excitement to keep learning combined with the challenge to master what has already been taught. My 9yr old son has gone from shy and insecure (where the thought of getting out on the mat brought him to tears) to confident and eager to learn, teach and be a role model to the younger students. My 6yr old went from running wildly in circles to standing proudly and focused in a training horse, eager to please and perform. Every week I sit and watch them get better and better at Kenpo, but even more importantly, I see the joy in their faces when their hard work is complimented, their confidence building, their focus streamlined and their purpose brought to light. They are meant to do this and Attitude First Training Center, Mr. Joel and Mr. Robinson have shown them their path. “Thank you” is not words enough to express how pleased I am with these last 7 months. I see them doing this for a lifetime and the skills learned helping to shape them into fine, young men. ~ Jen Eklund


More Aware Of My Surroundings

The Beyond Instinct (Women’s Self-Defense) class is an eye opener. The team at Attitude First teaches awareness as well as self-defense skills that every female should know. After taking the class I am definitely more aware of my surroundings and the people in my environment. I am more confident that I would know what to do should an uncomfortable or potentially life- threatening situation arise. ~ Samantha K.


The Tools I Needed To Avoid Being A Victim

I have attended several Beyond Instinct workshops for women and the lessons learned from it has given me the knowledge and tools needed to avoid becoming a victim. I would highly recommend that all women and teen girls attend this workshop! ~ Sandy Kelly


More Focused, More Confident!

Since my daughter joined the Attitude First Martial Arts Academy, she has become more focused, more confident, and stronger. She loves coming to class and learning new techniques, as well as practicing her current skills. She loves working with her peers and instructors. Joining AFMAA in April was the BEST decision we could have made for her! ~ Kjersti Van Allen


Great For Our Kids!

Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is great for our kids. Our son and daughter absolutely love going to class and the training has been beneficial in developing their confidence and social skills. I would recommend AFMAA to any parent. ~ Trevor and Kelly Smith


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