dult Martial Arts Program

Adult Martial Arts Program

The Adult Martial Arts program is designed specifically around the needs participants have in the world called life. As we keep proving, you are never too old to start training in the martial arts, and you are definitely never too old to learn and grow. For adults, the martial arts can give you the experiences to build great fitness levels, feel empowered, and more disciplined. It’s fun, interesting, and beneficial. Not to mention, you will also make great friends.

There is no doubt that everyone comes to Attitude First Martial Arts Academy for different reasons. Some people want to improve their fitness while others want to be more empowered in their daily activities. Some join us to learn self-defense while others train to build their confidence. Our Adult Martial Arts ProgramĀ are benefit-oriented and driven by your personal goals.

Our Adult Martial ArtsĀ Program is a comprehensive approach that is not complicated. We have had every age group inside our academy from 3 to 65 and beyond. You can start at any age, you don’t have to be in shape, or have some specific set of experiences. You just have to bring your willingness and your attitude to learn and grow!

Our approach to the martial arts is built around three concepts: discipline, protection, and empowerment. Traditionally, these are referred to as body, mind, and spirit. Through the art of Kenpo Karate, individuals develop practical self-defense skills, leadership qualities, self-discipline, self-empowerment, great speaking skills, and more.

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