The Attitude First Martial Arts Academy (AFMAA) Programs can’t emphasize enough about the exciting path you or your child want to embark on.  The AFMAA believes that this path will guide the member (student) to understanding, recognizing, and accomplishing any endeavor he/she chooses.

It is important to note – that EVERY MEMBER is an individual with understanding, challenges, and skills that are unique. We would be remiss if we thought every member was the same. Because of this, goals and requirements will be tailored to the member, so the member can achieve an established set of standards at a pace that is appropriate for their development.

As you have guessed, excelling in this endeavor requires an organized system of specific requirements and a timeline for accomplishing them.  Using the Martial Arts as our curriculum allows us to track your progress with an integrated ranking system (the belts).

To further organize your progress, the AFMAA will set your training into individual sessions.  Each session will be an opportunity to develop, practice, and enhance your skills.   The consistency of attendance is the key to learning.  We have appropriate age/rank specific programs (click for more information):

We use the following curriculum to achieve the results of a strong, confident, and healthy student:



Our martial artists have the opportunity to learn the American Kenpo Martial Art system.  Kenpo is a self-defense system that incorporates hand strikes, kicking, submission grappling, and weapons with a realistic approach to defending oneself in a modern world.  They will exercise their skills by learning Forms, Sets, and Freestyle.  There will be ample opportunity to also explore competitions.


Each of these classes is specifically designed to work with the students on how to command and win when defending themselves on the ground.  The class is specifically designed to ensure each student has the skill and knowledge of successful grappling.  It is important to note: No experience necessary.  If the student has a great attitude, they are welcome.



This class will help selected members achieve a champion mindset in their art and ultimately in their lives.  It is designed around providing experiences that will push the member’s comfort zone of what it takes to be a Black Belt. Please note: It will affect all five fitnesses of the member’s mind, body, and spirit. Members wanting to be a part of this class must be pre-approved (and stay approved) by Mr. Robinson – it is not based on age or rank, as much as maturity, commitment, and attitude.




Freestyle is an exciting form of training that allows the participant to use their skills in a competitive arena. Classes focus on the specifics of competitive fighting, forms, grappling, and full contact competitions. Freestyle is also highly recommended as a fun and exciting form of exercise and conditioning for individuals that want to get into shape fast (even if they have no desire to compete).




This class is helping Youth and Teens take on the additional responsibilities of leading portions of a class. They will learn about instructing students for all ages.