30 Day Challenge/Day 11: The Value of Commitment

For me this is one of my most influential motivational qualities. I am fully captivated when I am around someone who is fully committed to a belief, activity, hobby, etc. I have to monitor myself often not to get too enthusiastic when I come across someone who is strongly committed to something.
I recently read a book “Laws of Human Nature” by Robert Green. He does a fascinating job of describing how Martin Luther King was so committed to the civil rights movement and how his continual life’s decisions had directed him to his “I have a Dream” speech. He went on to explain how the more memorial parts of that speech were actually spontaneous and he drew from his inner thoughts and experiences. I was so fascinated by this, that it has stuck with me for weeks and I actually watched the speech several times over the last few weeks.- I marveled at the power and elegance of his words.
How we train the Martial Arts at Attitude First is what I was taught as the definition of our art. “The Analytical Study of Motions and their interactions both offensively and defensively.” It is this amazing study of motions; our motions and then their interactions with all the motions around us that truly captivated me. Ironically again, to have any impact we must have motions. These motions again are influenced by our Attitudes and then interact with the motions of the Environment… or better yet our Environment.
The integrity of our motions is directly dependent on the commitment we make to them. We must truly believe in our intentions and insure that they are founded with principles. Mr. Hancock has really simplified the Attitude we take when defending ourselves. “I Have the Right to stop someone from Hurting Me!” If we hold that true and are fully committed in the belief of that statement it makes things a lot simpler.
I don’t want to get too far out on the edge of the theories of “conceptual reality” but again everything is a vibration. Vibrations are a motion or wave of energy. Vibrations than can be harmonious or disharmonious. If we are committed there are no parts of us that do not align with our intent. For Example: I discuss this a lot in our Women’s Self Defense program: Beyond Instinct. How you say “No” can be extremely powerful or it can be virtually useless. If it coveys your conviction and commitment to not allow Harm to be done to you. It is very believable and can end the situation. Again, this is based on the statistical aspect that 85% of all sexual assaults are by someone you are acquainted with. Many of which rely on the hopes that the victim “won’t tell.” If they believe you will there is a strong indication they will avoid you.
For other training aspects we find time and time again that defensive actions work much more effectively if the individual avoids hesitations, eliminates wasted motions and commits to the basic intent of the action. Students are often surprised and usually comment how easy something works when it is done right. Yes, it is kind of magical when their actions and attitudes become harmonious.
Commitment is an interesting quality. Much like a muscle. The more we exercise our commitment, the easier things become and the more comfortable we are with fulfilling it. As it strengthens we find new ways to exercise and use it. Confidence and Commitment are synergistic. As one grows, we recognize the other and the two qualities work together to help motivate us to greater insights to ourselves and our abilities.

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