30 Day Challenge/Day 14: Controlling Dimensions

We realize to be in control of Dimensions as a whole is an extremely vast concept. The concept of Dimensions ranges from physical; Height, Width and Depth -to spatial; Magnitude, Size, Time -to the essence or level of existence or consciousness.

Let’s refer a little back to Day 13 and Controlling Yourself. If we can control the arrangement of our bodies; Height, Width and Depth we set the foundation for ease of motion. We position ourselves to initially allow for “margins for success.” Meaning we set up known angles and positions that through tested experiences as a known successful percentage. We also know that outside of this foundation is an understood failure percentage. For example: if we respond to a situation and keep our hands down, we have a greater percentage of failing to prevent a strike to the head than we do if when we respond we put our hands up between us and the opponent. Also by having them up we have them placed at an angle that not only shields our vulnerable areas. It positions the muscles to release quickly enhancing our striking actions. We study the Height, Width and Depth to give us the greatest balance of both opportunities.

So for us to control our physical dimensions through positions, we then need to control the range and angle at which we extend our actions. Along with that, the speed and intensity. Controlling our own dimensions is another deep “dimension” or extension of controlling ourselves.

Including the challenge of controlling our dimensions, we then have the continued challenge of the dimensions of interacting with our environment, the attack and the attack(s). Let’s just look at environment- “In, On and Around” for now let’s specifically consider the things “On” us. In this case, let’s say we are carry something. A book for instance. Without considering the characteristics of the book; hard bound, soft bound, etc. We would need to think of its dimensions and how those dimensions extend or limit our own dimensions. Is it wide enough to shield us more? Does it extend/enhance our reach and/or our force? Should I use Horizontally, Vertically or Diagonally?

Now let’s look at how are dimensions work with the Environment “Around” us. We have to interact and move with the dimensions of obstacles. We may establish a specific depth in our defensive position on the mat but the environment may limit that dimension or require that we modify the angle so that it both relates to the environment and the situation. How we position our height, width and depth must fit. As Mr. Hancock reminds us, it is “Form to Function.”

As we move on to consider the attack and then finally the attacker on a physical level, it is important to recognize that we exist in a 3 dimensional reality. If we choose actions that cancel dimensions of the attack, technically it minimizes the effect of the attack and renders it useless. If our actions cancel two dimensions of the attacker; height, width and depth they reduce the body’s ability to function properly. If it can’t move and function properly it can’t continue to attack or counter attack. We will discuss these more thoroughly in upcoming articles.

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