30 Day Challenge/Day 17: Putting Your “Attitude First


For us Attitude is “Everything.” Inspired by Mr. Hancock’s Kenposcope that states Attitude if 50% of our training focus and that it is first, we so valued the concept that we named our school- “Attitude First!” Through the years, we have found the focus of “Putting our Attitudes First” to be the key to realizing true success in our training and daily practice.

Attitude is the physical representation or expression that relates to the feelings in regards to something; person, item concept, interaction and/or event.

Items and actions in our environment are normally designed to invoke a certain feeling within the observer, for which we then can state that it has an “attitude.” The way people dress, colors, hair style, make up, piercings, tattoos, etc. are all a reflection of an attitude. Additionally, the words and tones used in communications, songs, movies, commercials, etc. all are designed to express an attitude.

Now based on our Five Fitness levels, it is important to understand that we all perceive, interpret and represent our experiences differently. However, there is a standard norm that we recognize and based on shared experiences of our time, culture, etc. we have a potentially similar experiences and/or responses to the attitude that is being represented.

Let’s explore another rabbit hole. According to author Zoid Masri in his book Reality Unveiled- He defines that physical matter is our perception of a frequency of vibrations. As we discussed in Day 11: The Value of Commitment that vibrations can be harmonious or disharmonious. We don’t necessarily change our attitude but we do adjust it and our expressions to meet/match the attitudes that may threaten or challenge us. (“Whatever the Attitude, So the response!” ~Ed Parker)

Much like Mahatma Gandhi described- “Beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become values and value become destiny” (paraphrased). We recognize that our Attitude is connected to everything and molds our behaviors which in turn directs us towards our successes, to what we value which then defines for us our destiny.

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