30 Day Challenge/Day 24: Basics

“Champions are brilliant at the Basics” ~Coach John Wooden.
With the Kenposcope, Mr. Hancock defined 1/3 of our success in the Martial Arts is through focusing on Basics. Our Basics are the fundamental building blocks of everything we do. They consist of the simple factors that when combined build the sophisticated ACTIONs we choose to defend ourselves and loved ones.
We express the Principles of Motion through the execution of each basic. The basics are defined in groups; Positions, Maneuvers, and Strikes. (Traditionally Stances, Blocks, Punches, Strikes, Kicks, and Foot Maneuvers.) We can define the strikes into defensive and offensive; with arms and/or legs.
Each of the basics can be associated with the Master Keys. Being Neutral for Positions, Launching for Maneuvers and then Hammering, Whipping and Thrusting for Strikes. They are then defined by the specific characteristics that make them unique. The execution of a single basic establishes the foundation for simplicity. (See Day 21)
Now that we have described briefly our Basics and alluded to their importance let’s see if we can inspire more self-training and self-improvement. This overall 30 Day Challenge was in hopes of setting behaviors that each reader would set aside “Five Minutes” to focus on one thing. Ideally the concepts involved in each article have peaked your interest about some of our training methods which we will summarize in our last day of the Challenge.
When working any activity that requires a level of skill (sorry I can’t really think of one that doesn’t) working the smallest of motions and/or details over and over develops an important physiological processes. (See Day 13) However we realize, depending on our Fitness Levels (See Day 23) that this might be somewhat challenging. This is why we want to, overtime, improve incrementally so we have the stamina, awareness, focus, enjoyment and belief in all our ACTIONs- in this case working our Basics. Let’s not dive too deep too quickly. Which a lot of new students do. At first it is all new and exciting but to take the time necessary for internalization can be sometimes discouraging.
Consistency is vital in any aspect of motion and any aspect of self-defense. Our ability to rely on our skills and knowledge that we have obtained through experience is necessary as each situation will have unique aspects but universal “truths.” It is these truths that require us to have a full appreciation and understanding of or Basic ACTIONs.
I can’t implore any of our members enough to spend time talking with Mr. Hunzinger (One of our Black Belts) His understanding and experience working in Law Enforcement truly illustrates applying our training in day-to-day needs. I have spent hours working and talking with him. His daily encounters require him to fully practice his training each moment of each working day. After every session or meeting I truly am inspired to go back to my Basics and work and internalize them further.

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