Brown Belt Intensive

Attitude First enjoyed some really fantastic training this weekend with our first but definitely not last “Brown Belt Intensive.”The Intensive was a full 6 hours of some great training. Conducted over 2 days (3 hours each day) participants worked on requirements for Brown Belt and it’s different levels.

Because the Brown Belt at Attitude First has 5 levels it requires a lot of work in many areas; Combination Attacks, Multiple Opponent Attacks, Weapon Attacks, and Formulations. Each area is a unique study unto itself and challenges the student to expand their coordination, fighting skills and strategic concepts.

Additionally, this is probably one of the most important ranks. It is a time when the Martial Artist is so close to achieving the “destination” of Black Belt. (The level that our culture recognizes as the “Achievement.”) At this level, it easy to relax and coast. The problem is you can’t now is the time you are so close to the finish line that you need to increase the pace. The issue, it all seems up hill…

Having this time together was an incredible opportunity to get to reignite the passion that has kept these individuals training. Yes, one of the members has been training for almost 20 years. (Some time off to serve our country in the Military.) However the average of the class is right at 9 years training. This weekend was an opportunity to dig a little deeper than normal. Instead of helping and working with lower ranks, the participants got to let go and truly focus on challenging their own skills.

Looking forward to the next “Intensive!”


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