Desire to Win

Lately at Attitude First we have been talking a lot about “Winning.” As a school we are dedicated to making 2015 “Our Year to Win!” Rarely if ever does anyone win without preparation. Many would say the quality of the win has a direct correlation with the quality of the preparation. So obviously, we need to dedicate ourselves to the “preparation!”

It is going to be an exciting year! Already we have introduce Elluminate Wellness and the incredible Fitness Boot Camp that will be conducted every Tuesday and Thursday evening. The program will be conducted by Forest Melton who has a unique way of getting individuals to give their very best!

We are going to be dedicating our concentration in helping members recognize and always work toward their personal best. Whether it be doing pushups, performing a form or freestyling with an opponent(s) each member will be encouraged to dig deeper and go further. We know pushing this “attitude” will help us all achieve new levels of improvement and accomplishment that we never know we could achieve.

We are certain that belt promotions and events will show this commitment with new levels of quality performances. We recommend if you want to be part of this winning year, don’t miss participating and/or spectating at our graduations and events. We believe if you do, you might miss a very special moment!

~See You on the Mat!


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