Introduction to Awareness

There are several aspects that training Martial Arts help participants improve and develop.   Developing an keen sense of Awareness is so important to insuring overall success with your actions.    “Listening” to the signals that your senses are sending must be a priority.

Note that the signals are simply “Data.”  You need to understand what the data implies; Is it indicating potential dangers?   Do you need to make adjustments to insure that you are prepared for these dangers?  What are your options concerning these potential dangers?

Unless you have experience or training on what the signals could represent unfortunately the information may be useless to you.  Your training needs to explore different settings, activities, levels of intensity so that you can obtain valuable information and experiences to draw from.

Then you need to consistently challenge your experiences with new skills and greater interactions that help you to grow and improve.

Here’s a base to start building you sense of awareness.




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