Keep it Simple

Simplicity- The quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.

At every training session participants work on new ideas and experiences..   This is done both consciously and purposefully but at times, it occurs without even being aware that new concepts are being learned and new information is being picked up.

What helps us most with the new information is when we can understand it by associating to something we already know..   If our minds categorize all new information as something “different.” Then we have to “memorize” and understand unlimited information.

One of the more important aspects of learning is that the information/activity is enjoyable.  What allows us the opportunity to enjoy something, is that we understand the primary aspects of it and/or it stimulates our imagination.  However if it is too complicated, we can become overwhelmed and eventually lose interest.

Therefore an interesting strategy of  introducing new information is to relate it through areas that the recipient is already familiar with..   When attempting to develop a new skill, the process of relating it to a skill already pocessed creates an understanding of the value of the new skill.

Recently while working with students, they were challenged to determine  the most used word in the English Language.   Although this may not be true, everyone got the point.   The word is “like.”   Individuals today seem to use “like” as a filler.

“Well like, it was like this and then like we had to like to that…”  Get the point?   

However, the word “like” when used properly, can be extremely useful in helping complicated information and technical skills be more enjoyable.  It helps us to associate the information or the skill with something we are already familiar with.

“Everything is both simpler than we can imagine, and more complicated that we can conceive.” – J. W. von Goethe

As we look at the Martial Arts, we have simple individual, fundamental moves and aspects that we define as Basics.    We then combine these Basics into patterns of moves that are defined as techniques, sets and forms.  In a self defense pattern or Technique, each Basic is used to synergistic-ally fulfill a strategy in resolving the defensive situation.   In Forms and Sets the movements in the series are all somewhat related by set understanding or definition.

Because the combination of basics in any pattern are related and/or designed to be aided by the previous or to set up the next move- they should be introduced, studied and trained through their “similarities.” 

To further expand this idea of training “like,”  extensive patterns such as Forms and Sets can be shared by how they are similar to other Forms and Sets which then simplifies the concepts and patterns into relatable groups.   Simplifying all the information and allowing for more enjoyment and creativity.

As we continue to grow and develop, increase our skills and expand our strategies it will be a huge benefit if we learn and practice them by simplifying their understandings and associating them to the information we understand and enjoy.



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