“Lightning Strikes”

Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is the Valley’s leader in developing Strong, Confident and Healthy Youth. That goes regardless of age! Located in Northern Phoenix, AFMAA offers incredible training opportunities in American Kenpo and practical Self Defense. More importantly, members have a great resource to help them improve in all facets of their lives.

Here comes a great training opportunity!

Monday, December 15th is “World Martial Arts Day!”

In celebration we are offering everyone an unbelievable opportunity for individual training and to help with a very important cause.

Here’s the training opportunity- Mr. Robinson will be offering 5 Minute “Lightning” Lessons. These “Lightning” Lessons are private sessions designed to work with each individual on important details of their Kenpo training. Each lesson is just $5.00

Lessons will begin Sunday, December 14th at 10:00 a.m. and continue as long as they are scheduled for. The goal is to continue teaching until 6:00 p.m. (8 full hours of Kenpo). This a “first come, first serve” opportunity. Sign up for lessons starts Saturday, Nov. 15 and will be available until all spots are taken (there are 96 openings.)

Lessons will be a “student request.” If it is to review, student must be prepared with topic and concerns to be reviewed. If it is to be shown something new, student will need to be approved. For example if a 7 year old white belt request to learn gun defenses, instructor reserves the right to refuse request and direct student towards something more appropriate to their skill set.

Here’s what your fees will be helping-

Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is working to take a team of competitors to Spokane, WA in February 2015 to participate in “The Flame – Open Martial Arts Tournament.” All proceeds raised will go to help the team with the expenses that will incur for travel and stay.

So here is a great opportunity for some personal training in which Mr. Robinson has agreed to share as many of his “Black Belt Ninja Secrets” as possible! That is so cool all on its own!

Look for the signup sheet at the Academy Lobby or email us at info@attitudefirst.com

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