Part 3-So Now What?

Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is the Valley’s leader in developing Strong, Confident and Healthy Youth. That goes regardless of age! Located in Northern Phoenix, AFMAA offers incredible training opportunities in American Kenpo and practical Self Defense. More importantly, members have a great resource to help them improve in all facets of their lives.

So as I alluded to in Part 2. I recognize that current members are missing an “edge.” That many of previous members I worked with in the ‘80’s seemed to have. I feel that “edge” comes from the competitive side of the Martial Arts. Competing against others that one don’t necessarily train with- has a way of encouraging the participant to sharpen their skills to new and unimaginable levels.

In my opinion “winning” is not nearly as important as “learning.” However with that said, “winning” is a momentary recognition of the value of what has been learned and how it helped to reach that pinnacle achievement. “Winning” is the feedback needed to validate the things that are being learned and trained.

You know, as much as I respect “Winning”, in my opinion “Losing” has a greater value to the overall process of learning, growing and improving. I get that losing can shut a person down, can cause them to give up. I have always felt that type of reaction to losing is merely a lack of emotional fitness and the wrong attitude.

Losing is the indication of what needs to be done. We study, train, analyze, etc. every aspect when we lose. We look for the solutions to our mistakes, missed opportunities, etc. Losing helps us look for the new methods… we truly look to grow and improve from our “loses.”

When we “win,” we tend to accept our accomplishments and celebrate it. We don’t tend to concentrate on all the things we did right as there is a “belief” that we will always be able to recreate the same things. Ironically, that is not true. The skills that got us to that moment still have to be tested and challenged to stay sharp.

have learned over the years that “winning” really is a separate skill beyond the competitive skills you develop. Yes, it requires the competitive skills to be as sharp as possible to be consistent but eventually it becomes more of a mental accomplishment rather than a physical reality. It is interesting and I found to be absolutely true “You Have to Learn how to Win.”

The funny thing is, when I’m training – I look to lose every night and to every participant I train with. I know this may sound odd and not something I can share in this article but by “Losing a 1000 ways” all that is left are the ways to win. Every training opportunity is a moment to learn and the “losses” are the lessons I work through. It prepares me for the event and the opportunity and allows me to truly celebrate the moment when the “Win” occurs.

I heard a great saying recently “Motivation pushes you, Inspiration pulls you!” For me solving the “Loss” motivates and pushes me while the opportunity to “Win” pulls me and both direct me towards growth and improvement.

It’s this value that I feel that the members of Attitude First Martial Arts Academy need to experience to find their own “edge.”

Coming next…. Part 4: “Let’s Build Something Together…”


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