Try It You’ll Like It!

“Sure, I will…” is the sarcastic answer most are thinking of when reading a comment like “Try it you’ll like it!”

Think back when you were a kid, “trying” meant something that didn’t taste good, was a strange color (mostly green), or involved cleaning. As an adult, “trying” is still about perceptions: likes/dislikes, helping/hurting, and easy/hard. Each thing we want to “try” is also passed through how they relate to our goals.

If you want to lose weight, tone your body, or build muscle, and it will be easy enough, you’ll join a gym (at least for a while.) If you don’t want to improve your body and it’s going to be hard, then no one is going to get you those doors. “Trying” new food is generally out of the question unless what is on-the-line is worth it.

And if you associate the martial arts to kicking and punching, and you think it will be a difficult journey, or it isn’t your thing then you don’t have to go. Right???

Wrong. At least if you think that is what the Martial Arts is all about.

The Martial Arts is so much more than kicking and punching. It’s more than the outward appearance of strength or a uniform. It’s not about the color of belts or stripes. We would tell you that 50% of any encounter is about your internal attitude not about external strength. It’s about making you comfortable.

Most would think that the study of the Martial Arts should be solely for physical self-defense. It should be only a part of it. If you want to be physically, mentally, emotionally strengthened, then find yourself a great martial art school, that has a holistic approach to their training. Remember, it’s about you. Not about them.

Look for principles at the school that transcend and transfer into your real world where there are no mats. Make sure the brain is being filled with useful information that helps you in all types of encounters.

Make sure that awareness leads the skills because it will address 75% of all situations. Awareness must speak to the entire environment of “what’s in you, on you and around you.” It must help you avoid the trouble before it enables you to deal with the trouble.

Studies1 continually show that those who were seeking to focus solely on self-defense discovered so much more. Most people benefited from gaining discipline and confidence, get into better physical shape, developing better social skills and found an enjoyable activity that far exceeded their expectations of developing self-defensive skills. Yes, most acquire defensive skills. And all, discover that it’s easier to avoid and de-escalate verses engage and battle.

A great martial arts school will help you discover you! It should be the school’s primary goal is to enable your potential for success. The school might use the martial arts as a vehicle to introduce the tools that help you achieve that success regardless of the endeavor, but at the end, they should be concerned with helping you be the best you can be.

So, when we say, “Try it, you’ll like it” what we are saying is “Try you, you’ll like YOU!” Discover your abilities and skills. Find your Confidence, Commitment, and Courage!



About Attitude First Martial Arts

Since 1981, Attitude First Martial Arts Academy has encouraged kids and adults alike to develop confidence, courage, and commitment to defend themselves, their hopes, and their dreams. They have developed and implemented programs that directly address a person’s self-esteem, confidence, and decision-making skills using the martial arts as their basis.

Attitude First is highly experienced in guiding the development of their member’s skills necessary to be successful in today’s world using the Martial Arts as the vehicle. Their training process helps develop confidence so that they can be successful in any environment. We help them find courage to navigate this new and chaotic world and encourage them to invoke self-discipline to achieving goals. Most importantly, they learn that they do have choices and should not be a victim of those who want to distract them from their goals.

Attitude First Martial Arts in Phoenix, AZ offers Martial Arts, Karate, Women’s Self Defense, BJJ and Yoga classes in the Phoenix, AZ and Glendale, AZ areas to ages 3 to adult.



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