• Thank you for joining ASP and AFMAA to training in REAL-time! I am honored that you trust me to guide the class in Realistic Encounter Action-based Learning (REAL).  I think you are going to have a blast in learning from one of the ASP videos.

    Realistic Encounter Action-based Learning or REAL is becoming one of the best ways to increase your defensive knowledge.  Leveraging filmed encounters that we will watch in class, will give you a practical sense of what will work and won't work on the street.    


    So here are some important notes: 

    Items to bring: Please bring your PayPal receipt for this class.

    The Address of the AFMAA is: 2663 W. Lone Cactus Rd. Suite E, Phoenix, Az 85027

    Starting time: Please be at the location at 6:45pm and expect class to be completed by 8:30pm.  

    Information:  There will be a waiver to be signed (if under 18, parent and guardian needs to sign in person). If you have already attended a previous REAL session within the last year, then another wavier is not necessary.  

    What to wear: 

    Men: Loose fitting shirt, shorts, groin protection (can be purchased at AFMAA).

    Women: Sports Bra, Loose fitting shirt, shorts, groin protection (if you have it). 

    Raincheck: If for any reason I or my designated staff can not be at the AFMAA for this class, you will not lose anything - you can use your PayPal receipt as a raincheck for the next available REAL class. 

    Please note: It is possible that the video's shown and discussed will contain graphic images and words. This class is not eligible to be combined with any other offers from AFMAA or ASP.