• My child is disrespectful and unruly!

    We specialize in addressing the root causes of this type of behavior with discipline, structure, and positive reinforcement. Our students have a defined purpose with positive outlooks; this process is accomplished quickly by parental support and regular attendance.

  • My child lacks confidence!

    We recognize the importance that a child has personal successful experiences to draw from.  This way a child can build a positive image of him/herself and not rely on what others think. We teach children to believe in themselves both on and off the training floor.    

  • My child is attracted to the wrong crowd!

    When a child follows in the footsteps of others, the child is normally looking for acceptance/belonging, or does not have the courage to say “No.” We develop self-discipline in the child that arms him/her with the ability to make good choices in line with what he/she knows to be right.

  • Our mission at Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is to build strong, confident, and healthy youth with an environment based on a sound and trusted methodology. Since our opening in 1981, we have developed and implemented programs that directly address the child's self-esteem, confidence, and decision-making skills.

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  • From Our Clients

  • Great For Our Kids!

    Attitude First Martial Arts Academy is great for our kids. Our son and daughter absolutely love going to class and the training has been beneficial in developing their confidence and social skills. I would recommend AFMAA to any parent.  ~ Trevor and Kelly Smith

    More Focused, More Confident! 

    Since my daughter joined the Attitude First Martial Arts Academy she has become more focused, more confident, and stronger. She loves coming to class and learning new techniques, as well as practicing her current skills.  She loves working with her peers and instructors.  Joining AFMAA in April was the BEST decision we could have made for her! ~ Kjersti Van Allen

    Rambunctious to Focused! 

    ...My 9-year-old son has gone from shy and insecure (where the thought of getting out on the mat brought him to tears) to confident and eager to learn, teach, and be a role model to the younger students.  My 6-year-old went from running wildly in circles to standing proudly and focused in a training horse, eager to please and perform...  ~ Jen Eklund

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  • Call now: (623) 547-5337, 3530 W. Yorkshire Drive, Phx, Az 85308

  • Attitude First Martial Arts bases all of our instruction around the 3 major components of the Universal Martial Art Sciences (UMAS): 

    1) 5 core principles of Awareness, Attitude, Logic, Margin, and Simplicity.

    2) Strategies to enable quick, efficient and effective access to the students talents to solve the global question of "How will I maximize my opportunities and minimize my opponents' to protect myself?"

    3) Basics that are supported by the 5 master keys of hammer, whip, thrust, launch and neutral that allows every student to refine their attributes, abilities, skills, and tactics.